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The Vision

Flame aims to be a modern programming language that will make it easy to build, share and securely execute cross-platform applications.

Flame is embodied by a standalone executable containing the Flame runtime and tooling.

The goal is for applications built with Flame to be able to run in all of the following platforms:

  • Unix
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web (through a WebAssembly-based Flame runtime)

Flame will come with integrated WebGPU support and a graphics library to make it easy to build portable and responsive graphical applications.

The idea to build Flame came from thinking what would the web browser (and its tech-stack) look like if it was created today from scratch, knowing what we know now.

Flame is inspired by Go, Rust, Typescript, and Haskell.

The documentation here currently serves as a guide during development.

A user/learner of Flame is warmly referred to as a flameling.